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The truth is hidden well.....

Hi again everybody!

I m really surprised everytime I check this page. Many people on here - though I dont even put anything new online.

Today I thought about putting some of my thoughts on here.
If I d say that my head is empty now - wouldnt be that good, right?

Have to confess that I m pretty easy-going lately, I m relaxed, chilling and having a good time....yeah....
Sure there are things on my mind - the day that changes will be my dying day

The truth is hidden well - what does that mean?
That almost everyone lies? That things are not always what they seem to be? That you need to have more than just one closer look to understand?
Sometimes I m stuck in a question, something that makes me worry cos I m unsure about it. I m disappointed about someone or something and it seems as if I wont ever get the answers I want.
I dont know if I can trust my feelings, I dont even know what they want to tell me cos there are pro and contra's about everything.

Then one little situation changes everything. I get a different view on things, I realize whats really important for me.
Suddenly one "side" seems to win, I see clear though it still hurts.

There s this song in my head now, called "Some days are like that". Perfectly explaining how bad and weird things sometimes are. Thats just life I guess - even though its sometimes not about "one day" that s bad, can also be a week, a month or maybe even a year - somehow you always get through it and believe it or not - it makes you stronger!

Hard to believe? Agree - but I m a believer in such things

Thats almost all for today.

Got some photos online for you. Some may have already seen them, who didnt - enjoy it! Just click on "Photos" on Links and pick out what you want to see.

Bye bye and
26.6.06 22:01


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