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My fears are the worst....

and they always return *sing*

Looks like I m music, at least filled with it.

Oh inspiration - hit me like a stone.....
Why do some things just never change?
I m fighting with my inside, with my soul or maybe just with my brain that pushes me back to problems that seemed to be solved long time ago.
Sometimes it feels like I m a system that always works against itself.
And....does anyone understand just a little bit of what I m saying right now?

If I m angry about something, its probably the best time to write. Its pushy and the feelings just come out. Only thing that is needed is a theme, the last little piece of inspiration.
Lets hope that I ll find it
7.10.06 13:37


Never choose a book by the cover...

Hello once again!

I m still alive, as you see.

Today I had to experience how quickly people think that they know you.
Wahey - yeah funny funny...
Today I had to experience that my appearance speaks for itself.
I didnt even think too much about my outfit, just took something I liked, black and grey - perfect.
How the hell should I have seen that coming?
I wear black, I have dark hair - that means I m evil, lost, hopeless and always seeking for someone to save me.
Luckily someone opened my eyes today and said those precious words:
"You have to buy some colorful clothes, show that you enjoy life and then you ll be so much better!"

Ahhhh yeah -
Why didnt I realize that by myself? It would have been so much easier to change it all. Just some more color and then I d be like all others. I could be talking and laughing like stupid, fall for idiots without noticing it, spend all my time on buying make up and just be like ahm.... like.... like I d never want to be!

My goodness - what fills people's heads with so many prejudices? Its insane if you ask me.
25.10.06 20:26


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