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Rain rain and even more rain.....

Hi there near and dear ones

You know what? I m damn sick of the weather!
4 Weeks ago people all over the country complained about the massive heat that hitted Germany right in the face (including me, of course)....well seems as if it worked quite well. From one day to the other it changed from 38 degrees to 20 and now we ve reached 11 degrees (i couldnt believe it this morning) followed by constant rain.

Dont want to see this anymore...I want some sunshine, some nice days and the possibility to spend time outside - so dear weather god, if you can hear me - show some pity!

Apart from the weather and some little, lets call it "complications", things are going pretty well lately.
I m constantly writing on stories and I m highly motivated to create some new stuff in the future.
So for everyone who s interested in what I do- be patient, i m working on it already!

Been to Finland (yes, I know, almost everyone knows that already but I cant tell it too often), saw great things, had a pretty good time and so on.
If you wanna see some pics from over there, just click the "Photo" link on the left.

Bye bye for now and dont forget to buy the "Zwiwwel Zweeper"
30.8.06 17:41



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