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Long time....

since i posted the last time.
Sorry for those who checked the site reacting like "why the f*** do i check it if she s too lazy to write something" but I really intent to be a better girl now

Well....what can i say? I m more or less working on some new stuff and you ll find it right here hopefully pretty soon!

see ya
4.10.05 21:06


The rest is silence.....

As i ve just seen that there s been a few people on my page today, i decided to add a few words in here.
Yeahhhh.....I finally got some things done that I wanted to do for some time and actually never did. For example....trip to Berlin. Think I ll be travelling around a lot for the rest of the year and it feels just good.

Just found some words I wrote down a little while ago. Actually it should be a song but I didnt finnish it yet.
Have a look and make sure you re not in a depressive mood
....and just in case you have any idea on how to go on with this...let me know!

In your arms I wanna die
Help me to spread my wings to fly
One gentle kiss to heal the pain
Absolution's coming like the rain
Lets try to lock the world outside
Get ready for our final night

13.10.05 20:12

Up North

Just wanted to send some little greetings from up North to the world outside!
Been nice so far, i just spent some time at the Hotel's Wellness Center and I stepped by on my way to get some food!

See you
16.10.05 20:03


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