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…some details about me…

---facts first---

Name: Tanja
Address: uhhh....center of the universe, Sin City or just a small town close to Frankfurt

---and what else I want to say 'bout me---

Well, as you may already know (or guess while reading this blog) I love to write. Some bad people may say that I also talk a lot but I think that just depends on my mood and the people around me. ;-)

Sadly I spend most of my time with work but hey, dont we all need money to make a living? Specially me cos I just love to spend it on all kinds of stuff.

I dont think I have anything like clear hobbies as I cant post any sport or something like this in here. I totally love music, that includes listening to it as well as singing by myself.
Rock and Melodic Metal is "my thing" and I like many many different bands.
If possible, I travel a lot, spend time in Bars, Shopping centers (typical for a girl, i know...;-)), with friends and family or -sad but true - on the computer. I love to chat, check out sites or work on stories.

I could write down something about strange ideas I have sometimes or what I think about life and so on but actually thats something you should better ask me personally if you dont already know.

So long...thats all for the moment. Hope you ll enjoy this site a bit, feel free to add comments or entries to the guestbook.


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